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Ecclesiastes: Understanding the Wisdom Literature (OT)

  • Course Description

    What does it mean to be human? How do we live on a day to day basis in the context of the world God has created for us? What is the role and value of human wisdom? What is the place of work and pleasure in our lives? The book of Ecclesiastes tries to address all these questions in an honest and God-honouring way.

  • Full Course Description

    The book of Ecclesiastes is a record of the struggles of a man of faith who tries to understand life and the world around him. The Teacher attempts to combine an honest and open attitude to what he observes with the basic convictions that God is good, just and powerful. In doing so he comes across anomalies and mysteries that frustrate and challenge him. He explores the themes of the power and limitations of human wisdom and intellect, the role of joy and pleasure, the value of work. The course looks at the text of the book of Ecclesiastes and tries to find in it answers to some of the same questions. That book can serve not only as a guide on how to understand better the nature of our existence as human beings created by God, but also as paradigm on how to deal with doubts, frustrations and questions that do not always have easy answers.

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