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Disclaimer Policy

Disclaimer Policy


Changes to your programme of study


The College endeavours to deliver courses and programmes of study in accordance with the description set out in the prospectus.

Although reasonable steps are taken to provide the programmes and services described, the College cannot guarantee the provision of any course or facility and the College may make variations to the contents or methods of delivery of courses, discontinue, merge or combine courses and introduce new courses if such action is reasonably considered to be necessary by the College.

Such circumstances include (but are not limited to) lack of demand, departure of key staff, changes in legislation or Government policy, or other circumstances beyond the College’s reasonable control.

If the College discontinues any courses, it will use its reasonable endeavours to provide a suitable alternative course. If the College is unable to offer a suitable replacement programme, the College will use reasonable endeavours to refer students to a comparable higher education provider offering a suitable replacement.

The College does not accept responsibility (other than through the negligence of the College or its staff) for the consequences of any modification or cancellation of any course, or part of a course, offered by the College, but will take into consideration the effects on individual students and seek to minimise the impact of such effects where reasonably practicable.

The College cannot accept any liability for disruption to its provision of educational or other services caused by circumstances beyond its control, but the College will take all reasonable steps to minimise the resultant disruption to such services.




Produced: April 2023