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Deeper into Scripture

  • Course Description

    The Bible is the word of God and supremely relevant for our Christian lives. As we read the Bible we are seeking to understand it and interpret it for our lives. In fact, every time you read or hear the Bible you are interpreting it - whether you realise it or not. This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to add depth to your understanding of Scripture - whether you have been a Christian for years or are new to faith. Learn tools to enhance your Bible study and guidance on how to apply Scripture to your life.

  • Full Course Description

    Why bother interpreting? Considering the importance of learning how to read better.

    Tools of the Trade. Bible translations, commentaries etc. – which to use and how to use them?

    Exegesis. What it means and how do we do it. The importance of studying words and context.

    Different genres in the Bible – tips on reading the different types of material in the Bible.

    Me and my context. What I bring to the process of interpretation and how it is relevant for my situation.

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