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Engaging the World II: Cultures Then and Now

Aims of the Module 

This module will build on Engaging the World I by exploring the relationships between context, culture and the life of faith within scripture, church history and contemporary society. 


Intended Learning Outcomes 

On successful completion, you will be able to: 

1. Apply the concepts of culture and contextualisation to particular issues of Christian evangelism and engagement 

2. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of culture and context in the formation of scripture 

3. Generate approaches to contextualisation based on examples within scripture 

4. Evaluate critically approaches to contextualisation in the contemporary church 

5. Analyse cultural situations, particularly contemporary western culture 


Indicative Module Content 

· Definitions of culture and contextualisation 

· The role of context and culture in the writing/formation of specific parts of scripture 

· The relationship between context and culture in the expression of faith within scripture 

· Examples of contextualisation being practiced by the NT church 

· Models of contextualisation and the relationship between Gospel and culture 

· Contextualisation in contemporary western society in terms of theology and practice 



Written assignment 2000 words 50% 

Portfolio 2000 words 50%