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Community Life


At BBC we learn in many different ways.

In addition to excellent academic teaching, students find that informal conversations, inter-cultural encounters and opportunities to discuss the big questions of how we can respond to the challenges of an ever-changing and increasingly secular world, all contribute to personal formation and spiritual development.



Experience in leadership is a key part of development for ministry.

Participating in Education decision-making processes, taking responsibility for music, drama or IT, hosting a seminar, leading an evangelism team are just some of the many ways students are encouraged to explore and expand their gifts. We also have a peer-elected Student Committee which runs events throughout the year, including an off-campus residential experience during the first week of each year, as well as Praise, Worship and Prayer evenings, Sports Days, a Christmas Party, International Lunch, the annual College Formal and even a 'BBC's Got Talent' Show!



Staff and students meet to worship in the College chapel on a weekly basis.

Students are encouraged to participate in creative ways through music, art, poetry, drama, media and faculty members as well as external guest speakers lead us in reflection on God's Word week by week. There are various opportunities to meet together for prayer throughout the week, as well as focused times of 24/7 prayer during the year. The perimeter of the campus has been transformed into a beautiful woodland Prayer Walk and we have a dedicated Prayer Room where students use traditional and creative means to express their praise, hopes, requests, and devotion.


'Life Together'

When we come to BBC we don’t join a community, we are part of creating a community and therefore every student and member of staff has a part to play.

Being a community of Christ means that we share our lives and learning with one another. Every student and member of staff are assigned to one of our small groups - 'Fellowship Groups' - which meet for an hour each week. This is an opportunity to build relationships, share experiences - good and bad - and participate in mutual support and encouragement. Informally, fellowship occurs across all of College life from the classroom to the canteen and beyond the campus. Strong relationships are at the core of a healthy learning community.



Our College ethos means that we all care for one another as brothers and sisters in Christ but additional support is available, should a student choose to avail of it.

This can be provided through staff Fellowship Group Leaders or through the College Pastoral Care Team. Students may pop in to the Pastoral Office for prayer and a listening ear on an ad hoc basis; alternatively, a period of regular pastoral care with a member of the PC Team may be arranged.



We believe that Christian ministry and leadership takes shape in humility and service.

Part of Jesus's preparation of his followers for the mission ahead was to teach them to do the small things faithfully and so, each week students are asked to do a simple practical task to help with the smooth running of the College.