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Belfast Bible College isn't just about the books you'll read, essays you'll write and academic qualifications you'll achieve. To study in BBC is to become a part of our Community. Here are a few of the events our Community is formed by and gathers around...

Chapel Services

We believe it is important to acknowledge as a community our dependence on God and our need for Him, so each week we meet to worship God together and to hear from Him.

World Focus

From its inception, mission has been at the core of the College. We teach missiology in the classroom, we include mission sessions during our chapel services, and we also plan regular sessions when we can focus on specific areas of the world and discover what God is doing there.

Fellowship Groups

To encourage the building of authentic relationships, staff and students are divided into small groups where they have the chance to get to know each other better, share their spiritual journeys and enjoy social activities together.

Prayer Meetings

At several points of the week, there are opportunities to come together to pray. We also have a Prayer Week each year, when we enjoy more focussed times of prayer, and for individual prayer time we have a prayer room and a prayer walk.

Areas of Service

Our love for God needs to be demonstrated in our love for one another, so we invite students to serve the community by engaging in practical service. This could be leading worship, serving lunch, leading a fellowship group, training in pastoral care or helping with gardening.

Reflection and Renewal

We believe in the principle of rest to listen to God, so once a semester we have a morning when there are no lectures and we gather together to reflect and be renewed. Through teaching from Scripture, testimony, individual and group reflection, we allow our souls to be fed and restored.