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Church in Practice

Aims of the Module 

To study aspects of the nature and practices of the Christian church and its ministry in contemporary society 


Intended Learning Outcomes  

On successful completion, you will be able to: 

1. Demonstrate a working knowledge of differing ecclesiologies and their impact on practice in local church contexts 

2. Demonstrate an ability to access, apply and evaluate scholarship on the subjects of church and ministry and be able to communicate the results 

3. Evidence an ability to evaluate scholarship on issues of church structure and sacramental practice and their contemporary relevance in secular society 

4. Evaluate and critique contemporary church and ministry practice in the light of theological principles 

5. Apply your increased understanding to your own activities and attitudes in church and ministry 


Indicative Module Content 

This module will enable the student to acquire a wide introductory knowledge of how the church operates in practice and learn to apply critical judgment in relevant areas of theory and practice. It will include an introduction to a variety of ecclesiologies, including Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant theology and practice. 

It will also provide a critical introduction to relevant areas of church ministry and practice. Such areas may include: Contextual church, relationships between churches, postmodern church, sacraments, ministry structures, church discipline, church services, community, church architecture, unity, biblical and practical concepts of ministry, stress and time management in ministry, training for ministry, vocation, calling and spirituality, team functions in leadership in the church. 



Written assignment 2000 words 50% 

Written assignment 2000 words 50%