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Church in the Current Climate

  • Course Description

    2020 has thrown up an unprecedented series of challenges for people involved in Church leadership. With regard to the church, the closing of buildings for public worship called for a reactive creativity that resulted in a new wave of innovations. Restrictions on meeting with others brought with them a series of challenges for pastoral care. As the Church begins to emerge from lockdown, leaders are required to navigate what some have referred to as the ‘new normal’. 

    Of course, the normal pressures and challenges of leadership and ministry are still there.

    One church leader has written about what he calls ‘the coming pastoral crash’!

    In this 6 week course we will be exploring themes of resilience and response. What is resilience, and how can you cultivate it? Are there regular habits and practices that can help?

    Alan Wilson will be leading these sessions and as well as drawing on a range of resources to help address the topic, he will be involving several experienced ministry leaders who will share from their own experience.

    The course is open to all, but will be particularly relevant for anyone involved in Church leadership, whether on a vocational or volunteer basis - as well as those who seek to understand and support them.


    This course will be taught online, you will join in a live video call with the lecturer and the other course participants. You will be able to ask questions, interact with the other learners in discussion groups and have access to all the lecture notes digitally. 

    We are slashing the fee to £45  for this course as part of our introductory offer. (Courses are normally £60 and over)

  • Lecturer

    Dr Alan Wilson

    Dr Alan Wilson is a regular contributor to a range of different courses at the College programme, having previously taught several biblical studies modules as well as, most recently, a module on Christian Leadership. Alan is a part-time associate tutor at BBC (where he teaches on our WSF programme as well as leading the degree module on Christian Leadership) and also has teaching commitments at the Irish Baptist College and the Irish Bible Institute.

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