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Christians and Social Justice

  • Course Description

    Looking at a world of injustice we are often confused about our duty as Christians and overwhelmed by the scale of the challenges.  This module aims to clear confusion and build confidence as Paul Coulter lays biblical foundations for a Christian view of social justice and contributors from Tearfund and International Justice Mission tell real stories about modern injustice and suggest responses.

  • Full Course Description

    The headlines in our world often expose injustices, but they also reveal differences of view about what justice is.  Is it unjust for a nation to refuse to welcome refugees?  Is the inequality of wealth across the globe an issue of justice?  It is important that Christians have a biblically informed understanding of what justice is and what our responsibility is in terms of seeking and promoting social justice.  Do we have a duty to seek justice for the oppressed?  Is the promotion social justice part of Christian mission or not?  Can we really expect to make a difference in any case?


    This short module will explore these questions and others as Paul Coulter leads a study of what the Bible says about Christians and social justice in week 1.  He will also propose a grid to help us think through our responses to specific issues.  Then in weeks 2 and 3, guest speakers from Tearfund and International Justice Mission will share stories of modern day social injustice locally and across the globe and how Christians are engaging with it.  They will encourage you to think about what you understand to be a faithful response and how you as an individual and your church can get more engaged.

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