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Christian Apologetics: Foundations

  • Course Description

    We have never had a greater need for confident faith and persuasive evangelism, but ‘apologetics’, which aims to promote these two goals, frightens many Christians.  Some are confused by the word, which sounds like we’re apologising for something, while others are put off by aggressive or argumentative approaches they have witnessed.  This module lays biblical foundations 

  • Full Course Description

    Apologetics means offering thought-through answers to people who are questioning the truth or trustworthiness of the Christian faith.  It aims to encourage Christians living in a rapidly changing culture to be confident in their faith and to engage in evangelism that does not bypass people’s questions, but helps to show how the gospel either makes sense of them or raises different questions.  This module is suitable for people who are just dipping their toes into apologetics as well as for people who have had an interest for a while and want to refresh their thinking.  It will include input from experienced apologists as well as plenty of space for interaction and discussion. 


    The course begins by making a case on the basis of the New Testament for why apologetics is important and what it is.  We will then learn from Scripture some principles for engaging in conversation with people who are asking questions about faith.  The rest of the module will be based around specific issues in apologetics.  There will be some space for students to choose which subjects we cover, but we are certain to tackle some of the big questions like why should we trust the Bible, how can we believe in a good God when there is so much suffering in the world and does it make sense to claim that Jesus is the only Saviour?

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