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Charlie's new publications


We're delighted to share that our Old Testament and Hebrew Lecturer Dr. Tchavdar Hadjiev (Charlie) has had two significant academic books recently published. 

These are wonderful resources to Church Leaders and Academics alike. It is a wonderful testament of Charlie's deep study and brilliant teaching that these books are widely available and we pray the Church would be blessed through them. They are both available through our library to our students as well as widely available from online retailers, academic bookshops and the publishers own websites.

T&T Clark Study Guide to the Old Testament Charlie has written 'Joel, Obadiah, Habbakkuk, Zephaniah - An Introduction and Study Guide' 






Tchavdar S. Hadjiev introduces students to the books of Joel, Obadiah, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah (the Minor Prophets) in their original historical contexts and to the issues surrounding their composition and interpretation. Hadjiev pays particular attention to important topics such as eschatology, prophecy and cult, intertextuality, theodicy and the genre of the prophetic book. Readers will come to grips with the key themes of judgment, repentance, and salvation in relation to their historical and canonical contexts. Finally, Hadjiev provides a theological evaluation of the prophetic attitude to foreigners and the vision of their final destruction, which is pervasive in Joel, Obadiah, Habakkuk and Zephaniah, and helps readers to grapple with this theme in a modern context.

And in the Tyndale Old Testament Series Charlie has written 'Joel and Amos - An Introduction and Commentary' 






Joel's arresting imagery – blasting trumpet, darkened sun and marching hosts – has shaped the church's eschatological vision of a day of wrath. Amos's ringing indictments – callous oppression, heartless worship and self-seeking gain – have periodically awakened the conscience of God's people. Two thousand five hundred years later, those prophetic words still speak powerfully. Tchavdar Hadjiev’s commentary on the books of Joel and Amos examines their literary features, historical context, theology and ethics.

Tyndale also hosted a facebook live book launch event which is hosted on their page here

Reviews for Joel and Amos

“These prophetic books do not come top of the list for Old Testament study. Fortunately, in Hadjiev we have a master teacher who lucidly opens up their value for his readers. In addition to providing an amazing digest of all the latest research, he also gives guidelines to pick one's way through the various opinions. As a bonus he also offers sensitive comments on approaches to their modern interpretation.” –  H. G. M. Williamson, Regius Professor of Hebrew Emeritus, University of Oxford, UK

“In this concise and extremely helpful volume, Hadjiev proves to be an exemplary guide: clearly and carefully helping the reader navigate through a host of complex issues, while offering an invaluable introduction to the vast literature on these prophetic books. For scholars and students alike, this volume should be first off the shelf when exploring these minor prophets.” –  Brad Anderson, Dublin City University, Ireland

“Hadjiev is a knowledgeable, judicious and lucid guide to this group of prophetic books and to the sometimes thorny terrain of their scholarly study. This introduction manages to be extremely thorough while being easy to navigate: anyone looking for an orientation to these four books will find here a clarity and analytical precision which make it easy to get down to work. A very valuable resource.” –  Jennie Grillo, University of Notre Dame, USA