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Catalyst Courses

There are catalyst courses, certificates and modules that carry a more general appeal, delving into mystery, benchmarking faith’s curiosity and wrestling intellectual perplexity, in search of understanding and a wholesome Christian mindset (Romans 12).

And there are catalyst courses which will edify and build up Christians as they continue to walk in their Godgiven dreams: the paths set, the hedges in place, the direction clear, but the journey yet to be completed. Encouragement is an oft-neglected spiritual gift. Perhaps you need encouraged in this season of service.

While most catalyst courses will run in the evenings, a few are timetabled for daytime. Choose from the tiles below to find more information and book your place on the course you're interested in. Alternatively you might spot a course that someone you know could do and you would like to encourage them to do it. Why not buy them a Voucher to pay part or all of the course fees. To do this follow the link below to purchase a voucher. 

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