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Called to...Stay and Send

  • Course Description

    Are you from a church that is currently sending missionaries to serve God overseas? Does your church want to think about how to raise up missionaries and send them out in the future? This course will look at the vital role of the local church – and especially its leadership - in the setting apart, sending out and support of church members for medium to long-term mission overseas. This practical course will draw on biblical models and experiences from life in congregational leadership and service overseas.

  • Full Course Description

    Week 1
    Set apart  - This session will consider what is a missionary calling, what inspires a missionary calling, what most informs a missionary calling and who confirms a missionary calling.

    Week 2
    Sent out –  When sending missionaries how do churches seek to build disciples and develop gospel partnerships?  This session will also seek to develop our understanding of what the responsibilities of the church are in sending people out.

    Week 3
    Support: This session will delve deeper into what member care is and highlight the needs of those who have been sent, both when they are ‘in country’ and when they return home.


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