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Biblical Interpretation

Aims of the Module 

To introduce students to the art of reading texts with a specific emphasis on reading sacred texts as part of a community of faith and relating them to contemporary debates and issues. 


Intended Learning Outcomes 

On successful completion, you will be able to: 

1. Critically evaluate different hermeneutical approaches to biblical texts 

2. Analyse the impact of underlying hermeneutical paradigms on specific interpretative decisions 

3. Reflect on your own hermeneutical paradigms and presuppositions 

4. Exegete Biblical texts and reflect on their contemporary significance 

5. Communicate effectively the results of your exegetical and hermeneutical research 


Indicative Module Content 

· Text and meaning; the intention of the author 

· Context and meaning; the importance of the literary, historical, and canonical context 

· Meaning and significance; principles of legitimate application; general principles model; redemptive movement model; metaphorical model 

· Introduction to the concept of the reader; readers and the construction of meaning 

· Introduction to the importance of interpretative tradition and community 

· Communication skills 



Portfolio 2000 words 50%  

Written assignment 2000 words 50%