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Biblical Prophecy and Prophetic Ministry

  • Course Description

    This course will explore the phenomenon of prophecy in biblical and contemporary times. We will look at some of the key prophetic figures from the Old Testament (Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah) to explore how prophecy functioned in the life of ancient Israel. What was the connection of prophecy to politics, war, and worship? What marked true prophecy from false prophecy? We will then move to the New Testament and see how the gift of prophecy continued to function in the early Church and its environment. Finally, we will consider the contemporary implications of prophecy. Is the gift of prophecy still available to the Church today? What does it look like and how is it practiced? How can we distinguish today between true and false prophecy?

  • Lecturer

    Dr Charlie Hadjiev

    Charlie is originally from Sofia, Bulgaria. He studied law in Sofia, theology in London and completed a doctoral dissertation at Oxford. Prior to joining BBC in 2011 he taught Old Testament at the Bulgarian Evangelical Theological Institute and served as the Academic Dean of the United Theological Faculty. At BBC, Charlie has the responsibility of Programme Leader for the Postgraduate programme.

  • Full Course Description

    Week 1
    Biblical prophecy in context

    Prophecy in the ancient world. Mesopotamian prophecy. Greek prophecy. Similarities and differences with the prophets of Israel.

    Week 2
    King Ahab and the prophets (1 Kings 17-22)

    The ministry of the prophet Elijah: Idolatry (1 Kings 17-19) and social justice (1 Kings 21). Prophecy and war (1 Kings 20). True and false prophecy (1 Kings 22).

    Week 3
    Isaiah and the kings of Judah

    Prophecy, politics and trust. Isaiah and King Ahaz (Isaiah 7-8). Isaiah and King Hezekiah (Isaiah 29-31).

    Week 4
    Jeremiah and the false prophets

    Jeremiah and the Kings of Judah (Jer. 21-22). Jeremiah and the false prophets (Jer. 23, 28-29). Prophecy and temple worship (Jer. 7).

    Week 5
    Prophecy in the New Testament period

    Jewish prophets (Josephus). Christian prophets (Acts 11, 21). The gift of prophecy (1 Cor. 12-14). False prophets (Mat. 7, 24; Revelation). Prophets in the early church (Didache/The teaching of the twelve apostles).

    Week 6
    Prophecy today

    The Church as a prophetic voice. Prophecy and worship. Prophecy and preaching. Prophecy and public engagement. False prophecy.

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