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Biblical Hebrew

Aims of the Module 

To give students a working knowledge of biblical Hebrew, including the ability to translate Old Testament passages from Hebrew into English. 


Intended Learning Outcomes 

On successful completion, you will be able to:  

1. Demonstrate a knowledge of grammar and vocabulary of Biblical Hebrew 

2. Translate passages from Hebrew into English 

3. Comment on points of linguistic and exegetical interest arising from translated texts 

4. Critically assess a range of possible translations for a passage and present arguments for and against a particular translation 

5. Translate unseen sentences from Hebrew into English 


Indicative Module Content 

This module will enable the students to acquire a working knowledge of biblical Hebrew. Using a particular grammar book it will work through the main aspects of syntax and morphology. 

Students will be expected to acquire sufficient vocabulary and grammar to translate unseen Hebrew sentences. They will also work with set passages from Hebrew text of the Old Testament to develop their translation and exegetical skills. 



Written assignment 3000 words 60%  

Written exam 2 hours 40%