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Engaging the World I: Bible and Mission

Aims of the Module

To introduce students to the concept of missio Dei by exploring its biblical foundation and contemporary significance.


Intended Learning Outcomes

On successful completion, you will be able to:

1.  Articulate a missiological understanding of the biblical meta-narrative

2.  Demonstrate an understanding of the theological dimensions of some of the economic, sociological and political structures reflected in the biblical text

3.  Evaluate the relevance of the biblical material for the formulation of contemporary approaches to mission and evangelism

4.  Reflect on and evaluate a variety of missiological paradigms

5.  Communicate the outcomes of your study accurately and in a structured and clear manner


Indicative Module Content

-  Missio Dei

-  The Bible as drama in six acts

-  Introduction to the interconnection between economics, sociology, politics and theology from a missiological perspective

-  The sociology of ancient Israel as a biblical example of the missiological links between economics, sociology and theology

-  Liberation theology as a contemporary example



Written assignment 1500 words 40% 

Portfolio 2500 words 60%