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Arguing with God: Biblical Examples of Talking to God in Difficult Times

  • Course Description

    We are facing difficult times at present. After Covid restrictions has come sharp rises in cost of living and the spectre of war. We may have other, personal, difficulties. How do we speak honestly to God in the midst of our difficulties?   

    This course will look at various examples in the Bible of how God’s people spoke to him in the middle of difficulties, including Abraham, Moses, Job, the psalmists, Jesus, and Paul. Their examples show us that honestly expressing our negative feelings and problems to God is not a sign of a lack of faith. Instead, it is an important part of faith, based on our understanding of God as our loving father who always listens, and is relevant to every area of our lives. How might these passages challenge the way that we speak to God in all situations?  

    Week by week summary  

    Week 1 – Introduction – what is lament?  

    Week 2 – The depths of lament – saying anything to God?  

    Week 3 – Abraham and Job – arguing with God about justice  

    Week 4 – Moses – learning how to talk back to God   

    Week 5 – Prophets – God’s messengers speaking back to him  

    Week 6 – Jesus and Paul – ‘Take this cup/thorn from me!’  

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