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Advanced Texts: Old Testament

Aims of the Module 

To examine a specific text or group of texts within the Old Testament, and ways in which they are read in the contemporary context. 


Intended Learning Outcomes 

On successful completion, you will be able to:  

1. Use critical exegetical tools to understand an Old Testament text 

2. Display critical hermeneutical skills in interpreting an Old Testament text 

3. Engage with a range of scholarly literature and work in a critical and constructive manner 

4. Critique differing contemporary readings of an Old Testament text 

5. Devise strategies for reading specific texts in light of contemporary situations or issues 


Indicative Module Content 

This module will build on the Module 'Biblical Interpretation' by engaging with a selected text or texts from the Old Testament, considering both exegetical issues and also different ways in which the text and issues therein are read in the contemporary context. 



Portfolio 3000 words 60% 

Written assignment 2000 words 40%