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A Hunger in my Soul

  • Course Description

    When society is in turmoil, when our understanding of history is being questioned and any certainty about the future has been shaken, we often feel personally vulnerable and insecure. We may become acutely aware of the God-shaped hole within us and long for nourishing soul-food. This course will explore some of the riches in the Christian tradition for such nourishment. We will learn how the desert fathers and mothers, the Celtic Christians and others faced the turmoil of their times and the spiritual practices they developed to nourish their souls. The emphasis will not be on history, but on finding wisdom and practices helpful for our own lives.


    This course will be taught online, you will join in a live video call with the lecturer and the other course participants. You will be able to ask questions, interact with the other learners in discussion groups and have access to all the lecture notes digitally. 

    We are slashing the fee to £45  for this course as part of our introductory offer. (Courses are normally £60 and over)

  • Lecturer

    Dr Peter McDowell

    Peter joined the lecturing team in January 2018. Peter is an Ordained Minister in the Presbyterian Church and has served in Church settings in Limerick and Belfast. Originally trained as an engineer Peter found himself serving in missions in Nepal before returning to Belfast to study theology and then complete his PhD focussing on Missiology and emerging views of mission. Peter and his family live in Belfast.

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