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The Anniversary Series


Post Postmodern?

What theological challenges face the next generation and how are they responding?

Dr Cindy Brown will help us explore how young adults of the millennial and generation z age groups view realities like suffering, compassion, truth and justice. How do their preferences, values and needs impact their view of God, what it means to be human and whether or not community matters? What might these trends mean at both a personal and cultural level, and where does God fit into it all?



Post Bible? - Rescheduled to 21st April 2018

Is the Bible irrelevant, out of date or even immoral?

Contemporary society increasingly devalues the Christian Scriptures, partially due to perceptions that it contains elements that are inappropriate, out of date or even destructive. Two of our BBC lecturers will help us explore ways to think about these questions and how we engage with the Bible today.

Dr Karen Fulton will focus on approaches to biblical passages on gender and explore whether biblical views on this issue are out of date, as is often claimed.

Dr William Ford will share some insights from his ongoing research into divinely commanded violence in the conquest of Canaan and the theological questions that this raises. 



Post Global?

How can a biblical perspective inform our understanding of ethnic and national identity?

With recent advances in technology, the world has become more interconnected than ever before. Yet, alongside this new global awareness we have also seen rapid rise of nationalistic feeling, separatist tendencies and isolationist sentiments.

Dr Charlie Hadjiev will reflect on some of these developments in the light of biblical teaching on identity, community and relationship to the other. Are sovereign, independent nations the Bible’s vision for a global political order? What role can the history of Israel and the cross of Christ play in our understanding of national identity?


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